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When will my order arrive?

We are sure that you are eagerly waiting for our unique vetsak® comfort. You can check the delivery time on your order confirmation.

How can I check my delivery status?

You will receive your shipping confirmation and tracking codes by email as soon as we ship your order so that you can easily track your shipment.

I have already placed my order and would like to modify it. Is that still possible?

We transfer the details of your order to our warehouse soon after the order is placed to make sure that you receive your product as soon as possible. Therefore, if the order status is already advanced, it is unfortunately not possible for us to make

How can I cancel my order?

We hope that you won´t have any reason to cancel your order. If you do, our Customer Happiness Team will be happy to help you.

I did not receive all my packages. What can I do?

Our sofas and beanbags are always shipped in multiple packages. Therefore it can happen that not all packages are delivered at the same time. If you have not received all packages, we ask you to be patient for a few days.

What if the shipping status says that everything has been delivered, but one or more items are missing?

In that case we ask you to contact our Customer Happiness Team. We will be happy to check this for you and make sure you receive all the parts as soon as possible.

My order arrived damaged. What can I do?

We are sorry that your order is damaged. Please contact our Customer Happiness Team. We will make sure to replace the damaged part as soon as possible.