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What payment methods do you offer?

Please check out our payment methods here.

I would like to pay via Affirm, but I get an error message. Why is it not working?

We are sorry that you are experiencing difficulties. Please contact Affirm directly

Which payment methods are accepted if I use the option to pay in instalments on Shop Pay?

For non-interest bearing orders, debit and credit cards are accepted through Shop Pay. For interest bearing orders, you can only pay using a debit card.

Can I use Shop Pay Installments if I'm an international customer?

Shop Pay Instalments is only available to customers with a United States billing address and a United States mobile phone number. Customers with international billing addresses or phone numbers can't use Shop Pay Instalments.

Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single Shop Pay Instalments order?

Yes, 20,000 USD is the order value limit that applies to purchases using Shop Pay Instalments, including discounts, shipping, and taxes.

Can I pay in-store with Shop Pay Instalments?

Yes, we offer Shop Pay Instalments at our retail locations. Come visit us in store to learn more.

Can I pre-qualify for a purchase amount in instalments before visiting the store?

No. An application for Shop Pay Installments can only begin with a live checkout. Applying in store only takes a few steps and you’ll get a real-time decision in minutes.

Can I buy gift cards with Shop Pay Instalments?

You can't purchase gift cards using Shop Pay Instalments. If you want to purchase gift cards along with Shop Pay Instalments eligible products, then you need to place two separate orders.

Are there late fees for payment in Instalments?

No, there are no late fees if you miss a scheduled payment.

What if I miss an instalment payment?

There are no late fees for customers who miss a scheduled payment. However, partial payments or late payments might impact your credit score, or your eligibility to use Shop Pay Instalments in the future. If you have questions about a missed instalme

What if I make a return on a purchase made through instalments with Shop Pay?

To request a refund, contact the store where you purchased your item. Using their return policy, the store will advise if a return is possible. If a return is possible, then the store will advise how much the refunded amount will be. After your refun

I have more questions about payment in instalments

For questions about instalment payments on Shop Pay, visit